Rabu, 22 Oktober 2008

1,642 flee to relief centres in Kedah

ALOR STAR: Rising flood waters in the state has caused the evacuation of 1,642 people to 18 flood relief centres in Padang Terap, Kubang Pasu, Pokok Sena, Kota Setar, Pendang and Kulim Bandar Baharu as of 6pm yesterday.

The water level in Pedu Dam, Ahning Dam and Muda Dam was at 97.8m, 111.6m and 101.6m respectively.
The danger level for the three dams are 100.6m, 115.95m and 103.63 respectively.

A flood relief centre spokesman said the worst hit district was Kubang Pasu with 630 evacuees, followed by Pokok Sena (560), Kota Setar (387), Padang Terap (29), Kulim Bandar Baharu (24) and Pendang (5).
Four relief centres in Padang Terap were closed yesterday as the situation in the district improved, he said.

State executive councillor Dr Ismail Salleh said the state government would investigate if the recent flood was caused by rampant logging activities over the years in Padang Terap. Initial reports, he said, showed that heavy rainfall in catchments downstream caused flooding.
“Heavy rainfall is anticipated during this time of the year. But we need to look into long-term flood mitigation measures to resolve the problem once and for all as it is causing so much inconvenience to the rakyat,” he said.

A spokesman for Langkawi Ferryline Ventures Sdn Bhd said the rain did not hamper ferry services to Langkawi, apart from minor delays due to rough weather.
“The Marine Department will advise us accordingly if the sea condition is not safe for ferries and boats,” he said.

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