Selasa, 21 Oktober 2008

‘Ban Berita Harian reporters’

KOTA BARU: A PAS backbencher has called on State Assembly Speaker Mohd Nassaruddin Daud to ban journalists from Berita Harian from covering assembly proceedings following what he claimed was gross misreporting.

Zainuddin Awang Hamat (PAS — Limbongan) claimed the paper’s report that the Sultan of Kelantan was angry with the state government was factually wrong.
He said if the paper did not apologise by today, the Speaker should bar its reporters from the assembly.

Mohd Nassaruddin said he would give the paper 24 hours to apologise before making any decision.
Zainuddin said newspapers had become instruments to sow deceit, hatred and instability, citing a newspaper’s coverage of the Seputeh MP Teresa Kok controversy on the Azan (call to prayer) as an example.

“They forgot to play their role and just report the news but instead are intent on causing unease through immoral reporting,” he said.

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