Rabu, 17 Mac 2010

RM86m dam to ease water woes


A NEW dam costing RM85.5 million is being planned in Kahang near Kluang in a move to address the water shortage problem during the dry season in the district.

State International Trade and Industry, Energy, Water, Communications and Environment Committee chairman Tan Kok Hong said the project would provide an additional 134 million litres of raw water daily.

"Once the plan is approved, the construction of the project will commence in 2013," he said in reply to Ng Lam Hua (BN-Mengkibol).

The depth of the existing Sembrong dam would also be increased from 8.5m to 9.5m.

It will be upgraded through the construction of a water channel to drain away excessive water at a cost of RM4 million.

"To solve water shortage in rivers, there are plans to build an inflatable rubber dam costing RM4 million at the East Sembrong water treatment plant in 2012."

On the water shortage in Kluang during Chinese New Year recently, Tan said Syarikat Air Johor Holding had to ration water supply from Feb 13 after considering technical and water supply factors.

He said the dry spell since last June had resulted in low water level in both the dam and rivers.

"On Feb 4, the water level at Sungai Sembrong had touched 0.8m and the Sembrong Timur water treatment plant could still operate as usual. However, the level had been reduced to only 0.3m on Feb 11, which is much lower than the critical level of 0.5m."

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